Buying The Next Ten Years Continued

Travel While You Can

A stunning sea view at Birling Gap and The Seven Sisters

A friend of mine said “travel while you can”. I agree; but to go a step further, what I say is “you need to DECIDE to travel”.

We have the tendency to cringe everytime travel is mentioned as it entails expense.  But like all expenses, it becomes affordable when it is part of the budget. It simply starts with a decision to travel.  Some may take longer than others but it is not impossible.Planning the vacation is, in my opinion, the beginning of the vacation. The time it takes you to plan and research is already making you conscious about travelling, therefore sets you on vacation mode. From this point on, you are somehow already enjoying yourselves dreaming of the sites you want to see and all the other events that may trigger all your senses… then the climax is the trip itself.

The romance of travelling, when it starts, will never end because it will always be…remembered.

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