A Star In His Own Galaxy

"In my own world"


In the daily grind of our busy lives, insulated by the walls we choose to build around us, I find that we breeze through a seemingly purposeless life. It’s as if we live just to survive. Should there be  more  to life  than  just  going  through the  motions of living? Is there any significance to our being?

Do you ever wonder how people around us see us? I am not referring to friends nor acquaintances, just people in general. That stranger to my right, for example, is unimportant to me. I know nothing about him. He, most likely, feels the same way about me and every other stranger he passes on the street. We are insignificant in each other’s eyes. However, I have come to realize, that in my inner circle of family and friends, I am significant. What I do with my life affects them. I could be a source of happiness or pain, a rock or a sink hole. Whatever it is, I am important.

Going back to that previous question, is there any significance to our being, I am now consciously aware that each person, no matter how unimportant he would seem, has his own little world that revolves around him. In that world, he is significant.
“Each person is like a star in his own galaxy.” Peter Hill

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