Surviving Happiness

I had a conversation with a group of friends, about drinking by myself. Some of them think I’m crazy. Well, maybe I am.. I am my favorite companion. I believe that if you cannot be happy alone, you will never be happy. So every once in a while, I sit back, and have a beer or two by myself not really expecting anything, just sit and take whatever comes. If you allow yourself to take a break, you would notice more of your surroundings. No matter what it is, you can pick-out the details and appreciate it more. It could be nature, structure, or people. Who knows, you might not end up drinking alone after all. I drink for refreshment, and no other reason. The rest is just coincidence.

Staying as happy as we would want to be is a continuous effort. Some harder than most. Most people are skeptical reading something like this, they think they have their own way. They are of course, right! We are somehow responsible for our own happiness. And only we know what makes us truly happy. The struggle though, is not only to stay happy but, to survive happiness. Once we get into this blissful state we, well… become a little reckless. We have the nasty habit of ruining everything by doing something stupid. We act out, take risks,  become unfaithful, and end up losing the very reason for us being happy. The key, is how to stay happy, not to be happy for a moment. Just a thought…



The World’s End Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland


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