Seeing Happiness


Reflection of the Seine

How real is the happiness you see? Is it real or momentary happiness? A lot of people you come by may show some degree of happiness. I am no expert and I do not have answers for you.  However, I notice that everyone, regardless of circumstance, seems to experience happiness for a moment. Then, as fast as  it comes, it is taken away  when reality sets in. That happy person is now quick to anger and petty about the little things. At this time, you seem to be looking at a totally different individual. This is of course because of the real events they are experiencing in their lives. No matter how hard they try to suppress these feelings, it would always manifest and find a way to surface.

I suppose any degree or form of happiness, no matter how short, is better than none. Most of the time we indulge in  activities and acquisitions to give ourselves momentary pleasure. Being naturally happy, though, gives us the ability to appreciate and take comfort in the thought that there is always a reason to be so.

The happiness we show is, I think, merely a consequence of being truly happy.

Just a thought….

Peter Hill

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