Can you believe it? It’s not that it was that long

It was not enough; let that not take away from how great it was

I just want so much more that I would, if I could, rob the past for more time

I feel, I could have done much better

I’m not too worried about  the next 30, I’m sure you’ll  find way’s to entertain me

I thank you for the love and everything else, it is more than I could hope for

I love you more as I loved you then, and I will love you till the end

May we be blessed with more years together

You make me so happy like no other




To The Only

The one, for life

The one who brings joy and love

A breath of peace and comfort

A need fulfilled

I can go on, and run out of words

For it is a feeling, indescribable

You just know

With  the power to empty  your heart

Only to fill it again, and again

Like no other, with love

Beyond time

Happy Valentines Day my Lovely

Peter Hill





The last leg of our two week vacation. We took the train from Madrid o Barcelona.



My first impression of Barcelona was that it was a more modern city. And then I found the Gothic section, I loved this area.



The city is infamous as the pickpocket capital of Europe, and it did not disappoint. I bought a dummy wallet  for the trip and it was taken on our way to the airport. So please be careful if you go. It is still great to visit, and guys don’t forget the beach.

The Ancient City of Toledo


Home of El Greco and the famous Don Quijote  De La Mancha


Another walled city that to this day may still be closed if needed. We will be back to see this awesome city again.


After Avila on our way back to Madrid, I knew we were not going to miss this one



The Imperial City, where Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived and still are living.

The Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso


Very close to Segovia is La Granja


We stayed here for the night at Parador de la Granja. Very nice group of hotels that refurbish old buildings and castles with modern amenities. There are also several family owned restaurants that are amazing.


The gardens were designed by the same person who did Versailles.


Viva España


Madrid is one of my favorite cities ,” Yo amo España”





After Italy we actually  flew from Pisa to Paris and stayed for two days. The flight from Pisa is much cheaper than flying from Rome so we saved five hundred dollars and got to see Paris again


Palacio Real de Madrid



Plaza Del Sol  never sleeps, it’s always active. Next stop Segovia.


Said to be, an expression of suppressed desire

Sigmund, was like a bird on a wire

An interpretation is soon to  follow

Makes you worry, like the other fellow

You may be asleep, or wide awake

It could be a goal, or a game the mind makes

Though it may soon come true

The real meaning is up to you

Now, since you can never prevent it

You  might as well remember, every bit

Then  as you wake and say,  it was only a dream

Pinch yourself until you scream

The dream you have is there to inspire

So live your life and walk the wire

To do, as your heart desire

Peter Hill





Childhood Memories

May be the fondest, or the worst

Can be a blessing, or a curse

It can mold you, or fold you

And change your point of view

People, places, and events

Joy, pain, and fulfillments

Regardless of what it meant,

It was all worth the time you spent.

For good or bad it might have been

It will forever be cherished and seen

As life goes on, you will always remember

Childhood memories last forever

Peter Hill