Seeing Happiness


Reflection of the Seine

How real is the happiness you see? Is it real or momentary happiness? A lot of people you come by may show some degree of happiness. I am no expert and I do not have answers for you.  However, I notice that everyone, regardless of circumstance, seems to experience happiness for a moment. Then, as fast as  it comes, it is taken away  when reality sets in. That happy person is now quick to anger and petty about the little things. At this time, you seem to be looking at a totally different individual. This is of course because of the real events they are experiencing in their lives. No matter how hard they try to suppress these feelings, it would always manifest and find a way to surface. Continue reading

Surviving Happiness

I had a conversation with a group of friends, about drinking by myself. Some of them think I’m crazy. Well, maybe I am.. I am my favorite companion. I believe that if you cannot be happy alone, you will never be happy. So every once in a while, I sit back, and have a beer or two by myself not really expecting anything, just sit and take whatever comes. If you allow yourself to take a break, you would notice more of your surroundings. No matter what it is, you can pick-out the details and appreciate it more. It could be nature, structure, or people. Who knows, you might not end up drinking alone after all. I drink for refreshment, and no other reason. The rest is just coincidence. Continue reading

The Bloody Road to Happiness

The things we did, the things we are doing, and the things we are about to do, believe it or not, are meant for our own happiness or the happiness of those we love. Dig deeper into the real purpose of what we do in our lives. If we continue to ask the question “Why?,” we will end up with,”because it makes us happy.” Now, if we think the only way to achieve this is to commit crimes or seek revenge, then we would have lost the very essence  of happiness. Continue reading

All is Possible

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England


I think denial of all possibilities, is denial of our own beliefs. If we strongly have faith in what we believe in, we should accept that everything else is also possible.  We are so focused on our personal beliefs and theories that all others seem to be wrong, then hate those who believe differently. The freedom to practice and pursue our beliefs, opens the idea that everything is possible. It is of course possible, that I am wrong.


On Buying the Next Ten Years…


View from Ponte di Rialto, Venice, Italy


I lived paycheck to paycheck for the last 30 years. I am aware of my situation so I started an automatic deduction of $150 from my bi-weekly earnings. Now, even if I spent everything, I have somehow set something aside for travel.

I have decided to travel to a new destination at least once a year while I can.  The whole process of preparing for travel keeps me in vacation mode. I am now actively researching and anticipating my next destination while the budget grows.

Continue reading

“After all, Only Our Consciousness Remains”


In the end, if our time has come to pass and our physical being is taken from us, it is said that our souls remain.  We however, somehow keep our consciousness. We could still be aware of our existence regardless of form. This is of course with the absence of pain, Continue reading

Happiness Is The Ultimate Goal Cont’d

On your quest to understanding your consciousness, you will find that everyone, whether they are aware or not, is also having their own journey. Each individual has his own reason to be driven. Even unaware, they are worried about their own lives – a reason for every emotion.

I’m just thinking…”Every person’s reason, Continue reading

A Star In His Own Galaxy

"In my own world"


In the daily grind of our busy lives, insulated by the walls we choose to build around us, I find that we breeze through a seemingly purposeless life. It’s as if we live just to survive. Should there be  more  to life  than  just  going  through the  motions of living? Is there any significance to our being? Continue reading

Buying The Next Ten Years Continued

Travel While You Can

A stunning sea view at Birling Gap and The Seven Sisters

A friend of mine said “travel while you can”. I agree; but to go a step further, what I say is “you need to DECIDE to travel”.

We have the tendency to cringe everytime travel is mentioned as it entails expense.  But like all expenses, it becomes affordable when it is part of the budget. It simply starts with a decision to travel.  Some may take longer than others but it is not impossible. Continue reading

Buying The Next Ten Years

I refuse to work not because I’m lazy or rich. I’m none of those. I refuse to work because I’m buying the next ten years. I am 51 years old and I want to spend as much time with my wife of 30 years, my children all four of them, and my family. The uncertainty of the future dictates that I should enjoy them now while I can, while I’m able. I refuse to wait until I’m 60, retired, successful, and financially stable. We may then be no longer physically nor mentally active to enjoy ourselves. You can have all the money in the world but you can never buy the past ten years. Continue reading