All is Possible

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England


I think denial of all possibilities, is denial of our own beliefs. If we strongly have faith in what we believe in, we should accept that everything else is also possible.  We are so focused on our personal beliefs and theories that all others seem to be wrong, then hate those who believe differently. The freedom to practice and pursue our beliefs, opens the idea that everything is possible. It is of course possible, that I am wrong.



A blinding state of being.

Creator of the worst mistakes like killing.

Belief of the wrong following.

Destroyer of a joyful living.

Is there no other recourse?

Is there no relief from another source?

If we keep on giving in.

And continue to commit this great sin.

No peace would come to us, and this world we’re living in.

Even as we fight for what we believe.

There are other ways that we can achieve.

So may we choose to stop the hate.

And together, change our fate.

Peter Hill