They say death is the greatest adventure

The end in which no one wants to venture

We  live and know it’s not forever

Our lives, spent hoping to stay for longer

But if one of those we love goes and leave us for good

The sorrow it brings is never understood

Life is such that our time is never certain

We try our best to make the memories before we close the curtain

There is no other recourse  but to move on

And remember the good times when it was fun

We don’t want anyone to feel the sadness

Just a reminder to enjoy the moments of wellness

Love who you love, and those who love you

So you won’t regret or lose time to do

May there be peace as they are put to rest

Let there be comfort to the ones that are left

You will forever be in our hearts

Always remembered even if it hurts

Peter Hill




On the worst of times, with no apparent reason

Without explanation or consideration

Left in the dust with no one to trust.

Alone in defeat, broken and beat

Suddenly abandoned.

Desolate and lonesome; longing for someone

They, who you trust the most, left you deposed.

And the one you loved the best,

Deserted you, like the rest.

Should you do the same and forget the task;

Do you stay true or do you wear a mask?

If you choose to go on, then not for long

On your success, they will be the ones–abandoned.

Peter Hill