My True North

Like a magnet,  I follow your every direction.

I may be taken to different locations, spun like a top or whatever motion.

I always go back to where you are.

I follow you just like the star.

You can move to random places, no one has ever been.

You will be found, for my true north I’ve seen.

I’m lured by you, my true north, my true north.

I can’t help myself, I slip when I fight it.

I may stray, and go the opposite way.

Then come around, like the sun roams the day.

I have no choice but to stay true

Till I get to you, my true north.

I’m so into  you, my true north.
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For Far Too Long

All the years just passed me like the sunset

I watch the days as they inch away

As it slowly disappears , I can no longer lose sight

I have to be with you every day and night.

I’m counting all the seconds, as they are never wasted

It is the only thing I’m sure I’ve ever wanted

For far too long.

For far too long, the only love I’ve known

For far too long, the only love I’ve known.

The uncertainty is killing me, anticipating how it will be

What choice have I got, but to be sure every day’s the last.

I wish for this song to go on and on

But it’s taking time away from us being alone.

I will do all I can to make the days slower

I’m buying the next ten years and hopefully over.

The past years were so wonderful

The coming ones, better, I’m hopeful.

This was all I wanted from the start

For far too long, we shall never part.

For far too long, the only love I’ve known

For far too long, the only love I’ve known.

Happy Anniversary !!! my lovely.

Peter Hill



Back to Writing Songs


Been writing about so many other things.

I’ve almost forgotten how it was to sing.

My mind has been totally out of line.

It’s probably a phase, I’ll be just fine.

Now I’m back to writing more songs.

This I feel is where I belong.

It”s hard for me to find my rhythm.

Songs about love will be among them.

I try, and try to no avail.

This again is where I would fail.

I need your help for some inspiration.

Tell me, what it is that gives you motivation.

It may not be the best I fear

But it will  always be yours, my love, my dear.

Peter Hill