My True North

Like a magnet,  I follow your every direction.

I may be taken to different locations, spun like a top or whatever motion.

I always go back to where you are.

I follow you just like the star.

You can move to random places, no one has ever been.

You will be found, for my true north I’ve seen.

I’m lured by you, my true north, my true north.

I can’t help myself, I slip when I fight it.

I may stray, and go the opposite way.

Then come around, like the sun roams the day.

I have no choice but to stay true

Till I get to you, my true north.

I’m so into  you, my true north.
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A Star In His Own Galaxy

"In my own world"


In the daily grind of our busy lives, insulated by the walls we choose to build around us, I find that we breeze through a seemingly purposeless life. It’s as if we live just to survive. Should there be  more  to life  than  just  going  through the  motions of living? Is there any significance to our being? Continue reading