The Bloody Road to Happiness

The things we did, the things we are doing, and the things we are about to do, believe it or not, are meant for our own happiness or the happiness of those we love. Dig deeper into the real purpose of what we do in our lives. If we continue to ask the question “Why?,” we will end up with,”because it makes us happy.” Now, if we think the only way to achieve this is to commit crimes or seek revenge, then we would have lost the very essence  of happiness.

Humanity, then and now, has always struggled to either defend or invade for the right to be happy. And, in the process, create more hate. Most don’t want to share while some just want simply want to hurt others. We can only hope that one day, amidst all the chaos and hatred , humanity would forgive and share happiness. No matter how strongly we feel about our current state, we should remember, blood can always stain happiness. We need to somehow, some way, be sure the happiness we bring upon ourselves does not bring grief to others. Just another thought.

Peter Hill


Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland

Overlooking the site of William Wallace’s most notable victory over the English, The Battle of Stirling Bridge on September 11, 1297.

One thought on “The Bloody Road to Happiness

  1. Be wary of doing things for happiness in the immediate. What seems like it doesn’t hurt anyone sets off and infinite chain of reactions that you will never see the end of.


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